Jimmy Byrd and students
This was not to be a fund raiserride, but two things changed that. First, due to drought, we must build a water tower for the school and second, the Richard Mascarello family has offered to match any donations up to the total number miles ridden. So keep the water flowing for the kids and hit the donate button.

Also, instructor Kevin Lee is a auctioning off a 2 week paragliding course in southern Oregon to support the school.

See it here.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

I can not say enough good about Pat Clark Motorsports. They are the  Las Vegas Vespa dealer and many more bikes including Triumph and Docati  and others. They all went out of their way to make me feel at home and/or to get me back on the road as quickly as possible. When we had trouble getting the right parts in, they took what was needed off a floor Vespa.  Mike worked through his lunch hour even though I was only going 18 miles today. So, Troy, Bill, Mike, Fabian, Eric, Jack, Gustavo and all, THANK YOU! If you need a bike call them.  I will deliver it. Pat Clark Motorsports

I went to do laundry while they working on Scoot and saw this sign in the parking lot.  I liked it. Interestingly, there was a 1-800 you got a lawyer billboard above it.

In Pat Clark's workshop they had a Desmosede.  This is a $72,000 motorcycle made in Italy and only 1,500 were made.  The factory flew Mike to Italy for a one-week course just so he could work on it. The owner had had it up to 186 mph. It was in their shop because the owner had backed into it with his Ferrari.  Some people just have all the bad luck. Scoot was trying to talk trash to it, but it only speaks Italian.

We finished up around 2:30, and those who know me, know that I whine at any bill.  You will be glad to know that I was glad to pay this bill because it was worth every damn penny of it.  Any time I get service like this from genuinely caring and nice people, I am glad to pay.

I rode the 18 miles to Boulder City with the blowing winds again.  Everyone say Boulder City is a great place, not all corporate like Vegas and they were right.  The Boulder Dam Hotel is a historic old hotel that has been restored.  Sandy, the red headed receptionist, is a pistol and was really great to spar with.  It took some convincing to get her to pose with Scoot and she demanded review rights of the picture.

 I asked about a place to get a good salad and she pulled out Milo's Wine bar menu of things that I had not seen since I left home.  Not a burger or grilled cheese anywhere.
I was not disappointed as the first thing they told me when I got there was it is P.I.G.night. PIG= 'Professional, Intellectual, Gentlemen". All P.I.G.s receive half off on all drinks and that included all wines. I ordered two and a Chianti Platter of meat, cheeses, olives, tomatoes, etc.  Even I could not finish it. Bob, the manager came and sat with me for awhile.  Nice guy.  He and Milo had been partners in a small Casino operation in Vegas and sold out 3 years ago.  Perfect timing.  He gave me a tour of the place including the B&B that they run upstairs.
It was a successful day and were ready to get back on the road.